I am a digital marketing, and content specialist with 5+ years of skin in the game. Covering angles from marketing strategy to social media, paid media, design and SEO. 

What I Do

My name is Shukuru Amos. I had a brief, one a year in a normal job and that was how far I could go in a 9-5.

I ventured into solopreneurship. Built an audience of over 32K followers on LinkedIn, the world’s #1 business platform.

In a climate of Who-Knows-You, I wouldn’t have easily made it but LinkedIn helped me to dodge my country’s endemic unemployment.

With over three years on LinkedIn, I perfected the method and tools of impactful content delivery.

I now help SMEs, Freelancers, and C-Suites build an online audience, build authority and engage with insights through Marketing and Personal Branding.

Whether you want to make MONEY, save TIME, or have an INFLUENCE in the digital economy -you have found the right guy. Let’s talk.

"I hired Shukuru as a freelance Digital Marketer in 2020 after seeing his online profile, and since then, he has completed numerous projects without any flaw"

Jens Ischebek – DEGA Learning

As a content creator and copywriter, it has been a great opportunity to work with Shukuru and the entire team at TanzLite. Always thorough and creative in his work and not without mentioning creativity. Shukuru delivers with a professional outlook that puts him ahead of his peers.

Makusaro Tesha – General Manager, Kupatana

“On many occasions, I have asked Shukuru for advice outside of the scope we have agreed on, and he has always backed me up. It's clear that he cares deeply about his clients' success for content online.”

Al-Amin Kheraj – CEO, Lateral Labs

"I was one of Shukuru's early clients at the beginning of his digital career. Even at his humble beginnings, Shukuru's approach to his work was professional and of integrity. He is one of Tanzania's rare digital talents"

Bahati Chomoka – CEO, Gimeti Security