As a writer with a professional background in Linguistics and English Literature, I have expertise in creating and delivering relevant, valuable content for specific audiences, which builds awareness, engagement,  and encourages long-term loyalty.

If you are looking for authentic, plagiarism-free content, then look no further – I can deliver that to you.

I paint words with colors that will capture and sustain your readers’ attention. Be it a blog article, Ad copy, sales page, email, social media content, an ebook, whitepapers, and more.

A simple google search of my name (Shukuru Amos) will bring you results with links to a couple of articles I have written online. 

Here is a list of places you can find my writing work online;


I have written extensively on topics as diverse as Career, Education, the future of work, digital marketing, and many more. See some below, the one I have ownership rights.


Being a web designer (using WordPress), I am responsible for writing content on all the pages of the websites I created. This includes Landing pages, home pages, Service pages, and more. See some below;

Client Website 1

My Agency Website

Client Website 2

My Personal Site

Client Website 3


See a sales copy I wrote to promote an online course. The link takes you to Google Docs.