Everyone looks at an advertisement or brand messaging with a hint of skepticism.

Not only because of the uncomfortable truth that when you see an ad, it means someone has been taking careful notes of your online whereabouts but because, when it comes to online marketing, PEOPLE HAVE SEEN IT ALL.

From companies that have nothing else to say other than sell to gimmicks and outright lies —we all have seen it.

And so now people no longer take what a company says about itself for a word.

You can cite your company mission, values, and commitments all you want but people need to confirm that from what others (friends, online communities, netizens) say about you.

Those random online conversations about a brand are now more important than what a company says about itself.

But how do you build authority and influence online conversations?

If done well, Content Marketing will always bring higher ROI than Advertising.

With advertising now caught in the middle of privacy concerns, it means you are left with content marketing as a trustworthy resource in your marketing tool kit.

The ROI for Content Marketing (if done well) will always be higher than advertising. Your business’ online success depends on content marketing. Make it your business priority.