The only digital award I wanted to give myself was to get my agency website, Tanzlite Digital on the first page of Google. Which I have done exactly that. The numbers speak for themselves 👇🏼

Over the past 16 months, our website’s average ranking has been on 7.6 positions in Tanzania. If you ignore the directory sites (Sortlist and Clutch) within which we are also listed, we are among the top four (but not the fourth) for queries such as “digital marketing services in Tanzania”. Go ahead and prove that.

Our Swahili articles are always number one or two on search results for most used Swahili queries about Digital Marketing.

We haven’t paid a single shilling for SEO. It was just pure ghetto hustles. We have outranked our fellows who launched their websites more than four years ago. Ours is less than two years old.

What we have learned is that your success, not only at SEO but digital marketing at large STARTS and DIES with CONSISTENCY.

SEO has evolved over the past few years. The old methods and tricks no longer work.

They say show don’t tell, below is a screen capture from Google Search Console

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